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Why Choose Us?

CP’s Mother Lovin Cookies’ mission is to provide great tasting healthier cookies and alternative food options, while contributing to the improvement of quality of life. We offer low glycemic, gluten-free, and vegan cookie options. 

Our goal is to offer new taste experiences through healthier great tasting cookies by creating great parings as our signature cookie, lemon walnut white chocolate chip. 

A percentage of net profits, of featured product sales, are donated to cancer research.

About Us

Yolonda Moore, Owner

CP's Mother Lovin Cookies

Raised by a single mother, we spent a lot of time in the kitchen bonding over conversation as I watched her cook. Born in Georgia and raised on a 200 acre farm (with all home grown meats and vegetables), she was a great cook. 

At that time, little did I know I was being inspired in three key areas of my characteristics: my work ethic, my love of food (cooking or eating), and my love for great conversation. As I gracefully age, all roads lead to home. From memories of my mother and the key characteristics instilled in me, I created CP’s Mother Lovin Cookies. 

These cookies give back through sharing great tasting healthier cookies (all oatmeal-based) with unique flavors, donations to cancer research, and the joy of love through conversation (and making others smile).


Fresh baked healthy cookies deliver throughout the U.S. from Orlando, Florida.


Orlando, FL 32829